Leather Journals

Write in Style With One of Our Leather Journals

One of our lockable leather journals will make the perfect gift for a writer or someone who loves to record their spiritual journey or gratitude in a daily journal. They speak of unique elegance, finished to perfection, complete with handmade cotton paper.

Choose from a saddle brown Camelus journal with 190 pages or the World maps journal with an old school image of historic maps. Most of our journals are finished off with a saddle-brown, full-grain leather binding. We also have bags, wallets, cardholders and other accessories you can add to your gift ideas.

Benefits of a Leather Travel Journal

When you travel to a new country, your mind goes in overdrive as you see so many new things that you’ll have to process at once. Keeping a travel journal is the best way to capture and remember all the little things you experienced during your travels that will fade from your short-term memory as time goes by.

  • It’s a personal thing. You can make a journal your own entirely. Some people prefer a notebook where they can keep memorabilia such as tickets, flyers or entry cards. You can keep a scrapbook separate from your journal and use the elegant handmade leather journal for your special notes and memories to keep it neat.
  • Add extra accessories. Our pencil case or cow leather laptop case will make perfect complimentary extras to your journal gift. You can even add a toiletry bag for your travels if you want to splurge.
  • Relive your memories. You can go back after years and relive your best travel memories with your friends or family by writing everything down–the next best thing to time travel you might get in this lifetime.
  • Inspiration. You can pass down your leather journal with a special cover to your kids or bury them like a time capsule for a stranger to find in future, to inspire them to travel or maybe publish your story. Let your travels live on for generations to come in our unique handmade journal.
  • If you wish to keep your handmade leather diary away from the curious eyes of your siblings or other prying eyes - we have custom lockable journals adorned with the Tree of Life and Celtic symbols with 240 pages waiting to be filled.

It doesn’t matter what you’ll be using our leather-bound journal for; we want you to feel good when you open one of our unique leather-bound parchment paper journals containing your best memories. Buying someone a travel journal is also one of the best ways to support their travels while making their journey that much more special.

Related Products We Offer to Custom Leather Journals

A messenger bag, wallet or belt may be a matter of personal choice and one that should suit your energy, style and character. Spoil yourself with one of our bags or cardholders and feel extraordinary and stylish every time you use them.

  • If you often travel for business, you need to invest in a quality toiletry bag made of canvas and full-grain leather, with enough space inside and an exterior pocket for small products. You can also invest in a Indiana Jones leather laptop bag to keep your laptop safe while exuding style.
  • See your style through with a leather sunglasses case or a buffalo hide belt or zip case for a uniform look.
  • Australian-made wallets are perfect for weekend getaways or as a gift for a best friend whose style you know very well by now.
  • We have kangaroo, goat, cow, buffalo, and calf hide products if you prefer a specific leather. They each have different qualities, with calf leather being softer, buffalo and cowhide the most rigid and kangaroo and goat the toughest.
  • Workshops. If you are interested in the art of making leather products, we also host leather workshops. You can make a leather mask to keep Covid at bay, a cardholder, or a commander wallet during one of our workshops. You can choose from various hides and colours, and workshops last three to five hours depending on what you want to make.

We only provide you with the best quality full grain leather - meaning hide cut from the top part of the animal and of the best quality. Full-grain leather is the top of its class and in its most natural form, with marks on the hide left as is with just a surface treatment done to protect the leather.

About The Leather Trading Co

Our passion for leather goods led to us starting our business in 1999. We have been providing Australia with quality leather products ever since, and we even host leather workshops if you are interested in mastering the art yourself.

Contact us for any product or workshop queries.

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