Our philosophy is simple – to provide unique hand-crafted products that will add colour and energy to your life.

We have an extensive line of products, including wallets, belts, travel bags, day bags, transit bags, satchels, backpacks and stationary. We guarantee all our products are ethically sourced and all our leather is full grain. 

Established in 1999 as a wholesale company, our extensive product range has been available in Sydney, Australia via an assortment of gifts, homeware, stationery and photographic stores. We now offer our entire range to you and to the world at wholesale prices.

Each product in the range retains an essence of character and style that will merge with your own particular tastes and preferences. Whether intended as a gift, or for your own personal use, The Leather Trading Co. products will enhance the space around you.

Only materials of the highest quality are accepted into the range, bearing the rustic appeal shared by all our products.

We continue to provide the latest products in leathers including goat, buffalo, cow and calf hides. We are committed to continuously improve on the quality and design of our various collections.




At our leather goods shop, we have one philosophy, and it’s relatively simple, we provide the highest quality handcrafted products to add unique colour and energy into your life. We have a wide variety of products, including wallets, bags, stationery, satchels, and belts. We ethically source all our materials and only use full-grain leather for our products. We include goat, Cow, Kangaroo, buffalo, and calf hides in our range of materials, and we continuously aim to improve our quality and designs.


Leather products have become more popular over the years, and the stylish pieces at our leather goods stores allow you to add utility to your daily activities. Leather goods add a unique style of class to your lifestyle, and we handcraft each piece to withstand the bumps of everyday life. Aside from saving money by purchasing quality leather products, you stand to gain many other benefits from our leather products:

  • Leather is an exceptionally durable material that can last for years with the correct maintenance and care routine. Although products from full-grain leather such as bags can carry heavy loads, our reinforced stitching also ensures additional strength to the material, allowing your products to offer years of convenience and beauty.
  • Leather is a timeless accessory, and the high-quality authentic leather we use means your products will last for years, remaining stylish. Furthermore, with various colours and hides available, you have multiple accessories to choose from.
  • It will never go out of style, and its exquisite elegance remains classy and beautiful no matter how trends change. The designs work well with your fashion sense and can finish off your look perfectly.


As a custom leather manufacturer, we make our products with natural materials that require minor maintenance. Leather is breathable, and over time, it seals itself. Keep in mind that leather tends to darken, but you can follow some of our care instructions to ensure you get the most value out of your leather products.

  • When your product is new, we recommend limiting its exposure to rain and humidity. If your bag accidentally gets wet, you merely need to air it out by continuing to use it; If moulding occurs, simply wipe with a damp cloth and continue drying it out. Once dry you can apply a leather conditioner, such as beeswax, and you’re good to go.
  • The best times to condition a leather item is when it starts looking dry, on visible scratches or when the colour looks like it may be fading.
  • When storing your leather products, we recommend keeping it away from sunlight as the sun can cause the colour to fade and the leather to dry out; this also includes artificial heat sources such as radiators. Additionally, you can store your products inside a dust bag which will help avoid scratches. However, it’s best to use soft material bags for storage and not plastic, as plastic may restrict ventilation and create a humid environment.


Chances are you probably already own a leather item, maybe even one of kangaroo hide. Maybe you have a pair of goat hide shoes or a favourite cowhide belt. Leather has been around for centurions, from humans using pouches to carry around berries and stones to now carrying laptops and cameras. With evolution, we continuously develop new and innovative ways to create our beautiful leather products. However, with leather being such old material, some little unknown facts may surprise you.

  • There is leather made from the skin of salmon that’s popular in Norway and Iceland. It’s not salmon coloured, but it has a unique look and is exceptionally durable.
  • Leather has been around since 3 000BC. The Roman boat sails were leather, and it was also widely popular for use in furniture, tents, and even in weapons. The fashion purposes of leather became popular about 1 000 years later among Egyptian women.
  • The average person wears four items that are from leather on a typical day. When you go to the office or even just go out to the store, you can find one of the following items, usually made from leather. Although the most popular are shoes, belts and wallets for men and purses and handbags for women, there are additional items of clothing that could be leather, such as jackets. Add some more refined leather products to your daily life with our range of handcrafted leather products.


Since 1999, The Leather Trading Co has been developing an extensive range of high-quality leather products, from homeware to stationery. We offer it all, and our range of products complements your character and style. Whether as a gift or personal use, our products will make the perfect addition to any outfit. Order your favourite leather products online today, visit our headquarters in Sydney or contact us for any further queries.