1.I just bought one of your bags – do I treat it before I use it?

Whilst some of our ranges will appreciate a bit of lovin’ before they join you on tour, others are ready to rock ‘n roll straight away. Our goat leather Indiana satchels generally come treated, so they are good to go. The Hombre and canvas & leather Metro range will perform best with a layer of protection spray to water and dirt proof them.

2. My leather bag feels dry and/or seems to crack! Help! 

Relax – moisturise! Grab a cloth and pick a leather cream or conditioner, preferably a natural, non-coloured one. Whilst heavy products like Dubbin work great, it tends to take long before the leather absorbs it and the greasy substance may rub off on your clothing in the meantime. Yuk! Very important – before treating your whole bag, try your product on a little inconspicuous piece of your bag to see how the leather reacts.

3. Panic! My bag got wet. What do I do?! 

Don’t worry. Your bag can cope with a few raindrops without going bust. If leather gets too wet: dry it slooowly. Drying leather with a hair-dryer or in front of direct heat will make it go stiff and crinkly.  Room temperature with gentle air is best!

4. My bag is dirty and dusty. How do I clean it? 

Depending on the type of stain or dirt just use a damp cloth and  gently dab it on the stain. Don’t use any soap or unnatural substances, just water. Definitely don’t pop ‘em in the wash! A bit of extra care is advised with our Hombre satchels, think before you dab or rub – in case of more serious emergencies we recommend consulting your local bootmaker.

5. My bag has stretched and doesn’t look like its former self! How can I reverse this? 

Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, but you can’t. Leather stretches out, but not back. If you overfill a satchel or wallet, it will never look the same. Just learn to carry the right amount, and your satchel will take care of itself.

6. My bag is getting moldy, oh no!

We generally use leather with a very natural finish, and it always reacts to its natural surroundings. But remember: leather needs to breath – air is good. So don’t wrap your bag in plastic when you want to store it – you basically want to prevent or stop any mildew growth, so keep ventilating!

7. My Indian goat leather bag smells! What do I do?

No bag is the same – some smell a little, some don’t. Again, the key here is air. Our Indian leather bags all go through a very natural manufacturing process, which means they can at times retain a fairly strong smell for a while. We can suggest you open the bag completely and hang it in a shady, airy location for 3-5 days. This will go a long way to help the leather breathe and cure.