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Great Variety of Leather Day Bags

Leather day bags make excellent gifts for friends or a present to spoil yourself. Leather speaks of elegance, quality and durability, and our products are only of the highest quality full-grain leather, ethically sourced. We have been supplying Sydney and Australia with our stylish leather goods since 1999, using cow, buffalo, goat and calf hides.

If you look at our journals, sunglass cases, wallets and bags, you will see the perfect finish and the quality of work we pride ourselves on.

What to Expect From Our Leather Travel Bag Range

When you set out to buy one of our leather messenger bags, you want it to enhance your style, outfit and personality. You have to consider which leather you want and what colour you’re looking for. When we choose leather, we inspect the tanning process, type of hide, location of the cut, and thickness. We choose the right leather for the product we intend to make. Here are different leathers you can find in our shop and how they differ:

  • Goat hides. This leather is an excellent choice for making durable products as they are inexpensive and soft to the touch. We have wallets and bags made from goat hide, they are soft, pliable and beautiful and will remind your of Indiana Jones, for instance, the Canyon tri-fold portrait wallet for men. You might find that our goat leather handmade leather travel journal is the perfect addition to your beautiful wallet.
  • Buffalo leather. Buffalo roam out in the wild, and their hides have to be very tough to prevent injury, cuts and bruises. This leather is more durable than cowhide and tougher to work with. You will notice deep grains and patterns on our beautiful buffalo leather travel journal, sunglass case or bookmark, each in a different coloured leather option.
  • Cowhide. We usually obtain this type of leather from mature animals, as the leather is soft yet durable and abrasion-resistant. Leather is a by-product of animal production and only accounts for 5% of the value of the animal. However, we can provide you with many beautiful and practical cowhide leather items, such as women’s wallets, backpacks and card holders.
  • Calf hides. As you can imagine, Calfskin leather yields a very soft product and tends to be more expensive. You can choose from our tan calf leather mini travel wallet or a pencil case to enhance your style with elegance and character.
  • Kangaroo hides. The leather made from these hides is 50% more durable than goat hides and cow leather. The leather is light in colour and very popular for boots because of its durability and is native to Australia. Our EDC cardholder wallet comes in lighter Kangaroo leather as well as black.
  • Other hides used for leather field bags you may have come across include reptile leather from snakes, turtles, crocodiles and lizards. Products made from these speak of exotic sophistication, and they are usually recognised by distinguishing patterns of the selected animal’s skin. Elk, deer and steerhide are other popular options but not always as easily obtainable as the hides that we use.

No matter what leather product you choose, you will be sure to gain a durable product. We offer unique, handcrafted items to the highest standards and enjoy sharing the leather products we create. Whether a day bag, leather backpack or a satchel, you will find what you need in our shop.

How to Spot Quality Leather When You‘re Looking for a Leather Travel Bag

As a provider of ethically sourced, full-grain leather, we want you to understand precisely what that means and that you will receive the highest quality leather backpack for women. Here is a breakdown of the different leather types and what it means to the average consumer:

  • Full-grain leather. This leather is the highest quality you can get and is more expensive. We do not compromise on our quality, and this is the only kind of leather we use. We obtain it from the outermost portion of the animal and imperfections left on the skin to add to the character. The leather is treated in drums or concrete pits, and it will become even more beautiful as it ages and as you use it.
  • Top grain leather. This type of hide is as good quality as full-grain but has had some work done. You can say it’s sandblasted lightly to get rid of marks for a more uniform, smoother look. This leather is ideally suited for upholstery where flaws are not favoured.
  • Genuine leather. The name can be deceiving as it is still leather but has a more imitation appearance due to spray painting of the surface. It might look like good quality to the average buyer, but it is far inferior to full grain.
  • Split and bonded leather. Both these are fragile leather with many cracks and are mostly only suitable for furniture manufacturing and only used on the rear side of the furniture. It is cheaper and sometimes hard to tell the difference between this and good quality leather, but it will soon show as it can damage easily.

As you will see, we only bring you the best, most durable leather that will add character to your everyday carry bag as it ages and enhance any outfit or sophisticated style that you wish to maintain.

About The Leather Trading Co

We bring you the best quality leather rucksacks, and we even have a custom-made Australian collection if you prefer to support our country. Contact us if you want to know more about our production process, care tips, or leather workshops.

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