Our products are made of natural material and requires little maintenance. Leather is a breathable material. Over time leather seals itself from regular use. Our leather will always darken (unless black). If you have just purchased our product/s, you should note the following:


  • When new, you should always limit extended rain exposure.
  • When new, limit extreme long-term humidity including high dew areas,
  • When not in use, keep in dry area,
  • Our Leather reacts to water and can lead to mould. If exposed to water or extreme humidity, please air by simply continuing to use it and only if necessary, apply a suitable leather conditioner. Your bag works well with most leather conditioners including bee wax.
  • REMEMBER, unless the leather is black, applying beeswax will darken your bag.
  • The leather is a natural product and can react to sweat (salt and water) which may cause the oil to mark clothing.
  • To avoid marking your clothes, avoid using your bag in combination with white or light-coloured clothing in extreme humid weather.
  • Please contact us if you need help.