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The Classic Indiana Goat Leather Satchel (GT-LS-PKT-CRV) - Limited Stock

  • 100% made from Indian Goat Leather
  • Available in 12″, 14″ and 16″ wide
  • Two main interior compartments
  • Interior and exterior additional pockets
  • Canvas lining
  • Leather shoulder strap

The classic of the classics of goat leather satchels.

No doubt this is one classic looking goat leather satchel. Two front buckles hide clips underneath them and allow for easier access, over actual buckles, whilst still keeping all your items safe.

The front pocket has actual buckles and is completely isolated from the main compartment.

Additionally, there is another zip pocket in the back of the bag, for documents, slim folders, etc.

The straps are adjustable and detachable and the bag is equipped with a strong leather handle, held by brass links.

The interior is lined with canvas and divided into two main compartments. You will also find two slim sleeves, one slide-in, one zipped, and additional smaller pockets.

The Indiana range of goat leather bags was the collection that introduced Boheme/Rust into the world of satchels, messengers, duffels and other adventurous travel accessories of the kind.

Imported from various regions of India, Indiana Bags use full-grain, high-quality, 100% genuine goat leather as its core material, whilst using brass and canvas as secondary components. Naturally, the strength of these materials together make for strong and sturdy bags, that if taken care of, are made to last a lifetime.

A few tips for taking good care of your goat leather bag:

  • Goat leather tends to age really well, with no treatment required. However, rubbing a little beez wax on a cloth can give it a little rejuvenation, plus it gives it a water proof layer;
  • If caught in the rain, goat leather can protect your items, however if it gets soak wet do not attempt to quickly dry it near a heater or anything of the kind, as this will harden the leather. Just hang it and let the leather naturally dry.
  • Use it! Keeping your leather bag stored in a dark closet may cause it to go mouldy. Beez wax can clean the mould if it’s not excessive, but the best medicine is to wear it – let breath, let roam, let it be free!

Please note that all of our bags are handmade. Unfortunately, this means that (sometimes) small pieces may give in over time, especially the brass components if you carry a lot of weight in the bag. On the other hand, fortunately, generally, this small breakages are easily fixed. If you have any issues with your bag, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Boheme Art + Design products are handmade mostly incorporating full-grain leather and canvas. Our designs take into account the aesthetics of each product whilst keeping practicability and durability as key elements to our range.

All of our leather products use 100% genuine leather from various suppliers. We mostly use full-grain goat leather, buffalo leather, calf leather and cow hide. The leather has been fully threated by the time it reaches your hands, so no additional care is necessary. However, we do recommend beez wax for leather conditioning every now and then.

We attempt to keep our line of products fresh, so our designs are constantly changing, adapting and improving.

Please note: delivery can take up to 7 working days depending on your location. Our warehouse is located in Sydney and generally we can dispatch orders within 24 hours, during working week days.

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