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Hard Leather Cover Refillable Journals/Sketchbooks/Photo Album (JNL-REFILL)


Hard cover and refillable Journal/Sketchbook/Photo Alum - You name it!

This series of hard leather covers are refillable - inside, a sleeve makes room for an insert to slide in. You can choose your insert with which ever cover design you prefer.

The Photo Album insert provides black acid-free handmade paper, with a thin white sheet in between each page, that protects photos take face each other from sticking together.

The Handmade paper insert is made of think cotton paper, with a rough texture. Perfect for the free-spirited writer - the paper surface grips to the pen.

The Sketchbook insert comes with thick, hard and plain white paper. At 300gsm, this paper is perfect for those who are looking for an art book.

All of them come with 80 page inserts.

Additional insert can be bought here.

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