Rust Leather

Ranger 7" Leather Field Bag


If you are looking for something that is just for carrying around your essentials, this is the bag for you. Of course, our essentials vary from person to person, so they come in three different sizes. The 7” takes your mobile phones, wallets, keys and another few smaller items; whilst the 9” can also fit a book, headphones or other additional “essentials” (if you count entertainment as essential) and the 11″ perfect for extra room to fit your tablet.

This leather bag is fully made of high quality leather and, unlike most Indianas, the buckle is only there for the good looks – a clip is actually responsible for opening this bag.

It is light, yet strong with lined canvas interior and an adjustable long leather strap.

Simply compact, this leather handbag contains 4 inner compartments and 1 rear zippered exterior compartment and an extra expandable compartment on the front secured by a strong adjustable false buckle.

Approximate size:

7 inches – 5”wide  x 7”tall x 3”deep

Part of what we call the Indian range (Indian Jones feel). Each bag retains a beautiful rustic finish that softens and darkens with use over time. Remember our bags will come with scares, variations in colour and other anomalies that makes our bags unique.

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